how to approach careers in covid-19: duspcareers guide


Be Patient

  • Be mindful of how employers are navigating this type of situation for the first time

Demonstrate your value in a time of confusion

  • Reach out to companies, organizations, and alumni to inquire about projects they need help on, even if they do not have official open positions
  • Proactively propose ways you can support projects and be specific

Use this stay-at-home time to strengthen your presence online and connect

  • In lieu of in-person networking events, reach out to alumni via email and ask for a short informational phone or video call
  • Create and update your LinkedIn profile
  • Refine your personal brand

Apply sooner rather than later

  • Have your resume and other materials (e.g., portfolio, cover letters) ready
  • The Writing Center is open for remote consultations on CVs/resumes, cover letters, job talks (Set up an appointment)
  • MIT’s MECHE Communication Lab offers a guide on how to build a portfolio

Emphasize how you are a self-starter

  • Provide examples that show employers that you can work independently, given that the new normal is working from home
  • If you have experience working virtually and managing projects online, make sure to bring that up

Get comfortable with the camera

  • Set up and practice virtual interviews ahead of time (tips from
  • “Being articulate on screen can be very hard. Distractions are easy to come by. You need to pay attention to where you are looking so that you are making screen-to-screen eye contact, as well as minding the lighting and how you look on the screen, making sure that your comfort level and confidence is demonstrated.” (

Get burnt out

  • “The job search process should be about quality over quantity. Additionally, when a job seeker is burnt out, their effort is affected. Avoid burnout by prioritizing self-care through walks, short breaks and anything that can help increase motivation and energy.” (Forbes)

Be afraid to bring up remote working options

  • While not leading with working remotely in your conversations, be sure to ask what flexible options and policies the employer has in place